For this Breaks, we had the pleasure of sitting down with members from Denton’s very own, OG Garden. We discussed music, their inspiration, and the music industry. OG Garden is a local band who aspire to be a dope collective in the industry. The band members include Joey Listrom on keys, Kurtis Shaffer on saxophone, Byron Crenshaw on bass, Hunter Strasser on guitar/pad, Micah Ritchie on drums, and Troy Garrick as the vocalist; however, due to certain circumstances, we were only able to speak with Joey, Kurtis, and Byron about their journey. All of them being music majors at UNT, they each have a unique passion for their craft and want to broaden their musical horizons and develop a unique sound. The name of any collective in music can explain a lot about their purpose/foundation. When asked about their clever name OG Garden, they expressed it was inspired by the Oriental Garden restaurant they all enjoy. This being the foundation of their name reflects that they all are contributors to ideas, which you can compare that to the collaboration of The Roots. All of them equally coming from musical backgrounds has sustained a curiosity for new sounds. They all stated that they frequently listen to new or revisit old music for their general knowledge on where the future of music is headed. A couple of names they mentioned in their most recent plays are urban artists like singer Solange, band Porches, and producer moods. We also discussed if they feel any doubts within pursuing music and they all expressed different things yet understood the purpose of what they do is bigger than them. One thing that certainly resonated with our sit down was their strong belief that the industry still has a place for developing bands. There are a lot of innovative things taking place with electronic music, and live instruments interacting with one another. These two factors encompass a shared excitement between all the musicians on what the future holds. Be on the lookout for an amazing EP coming in late January and a website reflecting everything about the OG Garden’s aesthetic.

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