So far on our journey with Lovely&Bored, we have been blessed to come across many different types of people, personalities, and businesses. Though to be quite frank with you guys, not all business we have encountered has been good business. Of course we all know that all business might not be good business, but often times we forget that whenever you’re trying to get someone to buy into your idea, the things you do or say can essentially can be a reflection of how you run your business. We have had many conversations with each other about this and we feel like it's time for us young adults to step up.  We aren’t here to tell you guys how to run your brand or business, but there are some things that need to be addressed. So here are only five different ways that we thought were simple and could improve your way of doing business with someone:

1. Timeliness:

This is key in making sure you show someone you value them for what they do for you. In this generation where a lot of things are freely given, we must still understand no one has to do anything for you. Time is the most valuable thing we have as human beings and it's a big deal for someone to give that to you. As much as we don't want to admit it if we are late, we are considering what we do with that person not as important. So, always be grateful for the time people give.

2. Courtesy:

There are a lot of mannerisms we've abandoned in business, because we are a very leisure culture. This is why possessing things such as politeness is a guarantee for you to stand out in your business endeavors. Honor shouldn't only go to people who have something to give you, it should go to anyone who benefits society. Which is all of us.

3. Playing your cards right:

If you know your brand, and you know that where you're headed doesn't parallel with someone who wants to do business... Don't do it. This kind of ties back around to "not all business is good business". You want to make sure everything you’re connected to correlates with where you're headed. I know we all love to seem busy, but make sure you're busy with the things you actually want to be busy with. Don't fill yourself up with random projects with people just to say you're doing it. To encompass, this just means love everything you do.

4. Connections:

A hi/bye, a friend of a friend, works in the craziest ways. In the times we live in we're accustomed to socializing on social media, but not greeting one another in person. That is honestly a lack of wanting success, because if you want to be successful you want to interact with anyone you come across. I know at times we may not be ready to talk business all the time, but swallow your lack of comfortability to make that connection for the long run.

5. Being Likable: 

Simple. Be very well-rounded when it comes to the general public. Always be willing to dish out compliments. This is a tool I've seen most affective, because it leaves a mark, but doesn't make you commit to small talk all the time. Follow up on something someone told you the last time you spoke, because it shows you care and that you were listening to them. Encourage people in their doubts, we're in college, when we encounter one another we're bound to open up, speak against their doubts. I promise you they will leave the conversation feeing encourag