Get Yo’ Mind Right

Living life stagnant, okay, well lets define what this means to be quote unquote stagnant. Personally, I feel as though being stagnant can be masked by a series of things. Generally we are all dreamers we stopped discussing tea, and started discussing ideas. We are proud of that, and proud that maybe we have made a change in friends/partner/lifestyle/hobbies. But, in fact at times business can mask stagnancy. When you define what is you want to pursue, and measuring the distance you have gone within that. It may not measure up to what you had hoped. This may be true for some, because you haven’t challenged your mind to think outside of your mundane life. Majority of things are mental before they occur in your life, and the way we have accustomed ourselves to think is maybe this is how life is meant to be.


Get Movin’

Wed, Jun 22, 9:04 AM

Jhasmine: Lets take a road trip to Washington?

Something that we both share in common is the yearning for more out of life. A lot of the time we become bored with the every day mundane activities of getting up, going to school, work, and a couple of meetings here and there, but we forget that life has a lot more to offer you. Exploring is something that is a huge part of how I expand my mind to think bigger, and think outside of myself. Taking trips to the local markets, museums, parks, tattoo shops has expanded my mind to go out on a whim and trust myself. Everyday we have the choice to get up and make the day what we want.  Every day I get up and chose to go forward, seek,  and want more out of life. The choice is always ours, and its up to you to decide where you want life to take you.