Often following your dreams can be scary and I find that people miss out on their opportunities because they either let the fear get in the way, or they simply don’t want it enough. We were able to have an honest conversation with Kal Banx, music producer and CEO of TrapHouse Elite about what it means to find your dreams. The main things I received from Kal's conversation is the power of the internet, trusting your dopeness, and working within your circle. The internet is fast paced, and simply being consistent in posting your craft will attract the big names to you than you pursuing them. The level of relevance our generation shares the companies want, because their old and washed out. They want what we have to say, because we're trendy and in the times. Building with your friends is major key, because you know one another's work ethic. The loyalty is never questioned, and it's harder to place trust to people in the industry. You have to know that what you’re doing is meaningful and believe wholeheartedly in your vision. Another topic we discussed was sacrifice. We don’t want to sacrifice some things, but in order to get what we want, you have to give up something. Whether that be time, money, sleep, whatever that may be, some things have to be cut out in order to have something beautiful grow. Life will give us curveballs and it’s our choice to do what we will with them. Kal also made a another great point in saying “You don’t have to be dead set on one type of way to get out your creativity.” Meaning, if something doesn’t go as planned, or you think life is going to go one way and it goes the other, don’t give up completely on that path. Sometimes you just have to find a different avenue to get out your visions and dreams. So, with all that to say I hope you're inspired with our conversation with Kal and that it furthers your thinking.