As much as we love to use Lovely&Bored as an avenue to express ourselves, sometimes messages are portrayed best from others. One thing Lovely&Bored values is showcasing artistic expression in all forms. In a world where you can easily use someone for their talent, and give no credit we have both witnessed all these individuals at work, and know they are true to their craft. Since I’m sure by this time we’ve either bored you (LOL) or you consider us lovely, we decided to show you guys some talented individuals (and yes they do charge. Cheapskates) 


We met designer B.Simone at INVADE and we instantly fell in love with her style. Her knee high boots, LBD, two top knot buns and her hand made “Diablo” bag is what caught our attention. B.Simone’s idea for her brand is to have an upscale feel while still having her clothes be affordable. “Just because you are not able to afford something, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to be well dressed.” She makes clothing for people who want to stand out, for a unique style. She spoke to us a little about her plans to open up her own store and how she want to see Dallas become a place for fashion. “It's hard trying to get out here when you're not around everyone else. Its really hard to stand out when you’re in a room doing the same thing as everyone else. Everyone in LA or New York wants to be a model or designer, but at the same time I know I might not be able to accomplish all my goals by staying in Dallas.” If you’re ever looking to SLAY in your own WAY, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. Simone!

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Merch page: bsimonethebrand

Instagram: brisimone



 At only 18 years old Ciara has certainly made her own wave in the  videography and cinematography realm. We were both really shocked when she told us that she initially started by making and editing her own skating videos in the 7th grade, then slowly transitioned into filming and directing small movies. In a very male dominated world, she makes it known that it can still be a womans game. From the choice of music, the angles, to the effects, everything she does is set apart from the norm. She has been featured on several blogs like New Premiere Dallas, Say Cheese, and many more. In 2014 her short film “YOUTH” was screened at an all American High School film festival in New York City and this year her films “It’s All In The Cosmos” and “Enter the Depth” have been accepted into the festival as well. She also is a semi-finalist in Hollywood Cine Fest in Los Angeles. I have been able to see Ciara work in her element and she’s really a beast at her craft. Her personality definitely shines through her work and we love her humble spirit “My biggest piece of advice is to keep doing it, keep working on your style, and keep believing that you can make it.”  

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Twitter: ciaraboniface

Instagram: filmbyciara

Visual site: ciaraboniface.com


 “I’m a mogul in the making, because I have an interest in a lot of things meaning I’m not just sitting at one particular career” was the best and most accurate way Jaida could describe herself. Her interests vary in things such as producing, website design, print content, and photography/video. She originally started with photography in the 7th grade in her film classes. When she became serious about photos about a year ago, she was sold on pursuing media as her career. Along with her full school load, she has done social media marketing for North Texas Now here at the University of North Texas gaining them an influx of social media presence on Facebook. As she transitioned into learning her love for social media, she is currently working with a magazine named Wavelength, as well as College Fashionista covering the public relations, social media, and marketing side of things. Her purpose is more so the artistry in terms of making a vision come alive and capturing the sweet moments in life. Get connected with her if have interest in camera work, film, site design, or anything. Don’t forget she’s mogul, like a chameleon taking on different faces.

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Instagram/Twitter: jaidabrinkley_


In the summertime, still in the beginning stages of Lovely&Bored, we were invited to an event called INVADE to film, and network. We were both excited, because we felt we were being taken serious, and given a great opportunity. Although the event was extremely resourceful to get connected, we both found ourselves leaving very spiritually encouraged, and empowered to walk in our callings. If you’re wondering who facilitated this event her name is Destiny Davis. We got the pleasure of meeting her at the event, and her positivity was simply amazing. She attends Stephen F Austin University along with her committee of women who help put this event on. The event itself has taken on plenty different atmospheres such as Deep Ellum, a coffee shop, skating rink, and a museum. The purpose of the event is to give people an atmosphere to experience God outside of the traditional four church walls. It is an avenue to reach people her age in a conventional way, and to express the need for community. “God is the guiding light of "INVADE” she expressed that the team/vision was never meant to glorify herself, but to set up simply a space and watch God show out. The future is bright for her, and we look forward to something possibly on the horizon to celebrate New Years, so be on the look out! Reach out to her if you ever need help with event coordinating, style, even prayers.

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Twitter: destiny_deyonne

Instgram: _destinydeyonne