We've had many questions as to how do we know about certain music, places, down to how to edit some of our picture. Honestly most of it is word of mouth or we just really stay up to date on what's new and seek out these things ourselves. Though to make it easier for you guys, we thought we would give you all some essential apps that you should have on your phone.


VSCO is a photography app that offers various features to tweak, and increase the quality of your photos. If you're into social media, and you don't have money for equipment this app will have your photos looking A1. They always offer extra edits for free, and once you master this your social media content will definitely have a boost. 


Calligraphy is pretty popular these days, and this app basically sets a blank canvas in which you can write anything you like. They give you an option to save it, and you can use it for a pretty cool branding idea or something quick and fun. 


 Okay so if you're like me you can go go a movie, or be in someone's car and here the most bomb song, but have too much pride to ask what song it is? Well this app is for you. Some phones have it by default, but it basically identifies any song by a click of a button. So, quit wasting your time on google typing 90% of the lyrics (that you can remember) with no luck, and get Shazam! 


Evernote would be more like your word document combined Iphone notes. It’s the perfect tool that lets you take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find from the internet. If you’re the type of person who is constantly on their computer, and doesn’t usually use a notepad to take notes, then Evernote is most likely going to be your best friend.


Of course most of you know what Uber is, and if you don’t, then you late lol. If you're just looking for a quick ride to the 7-Eleven, your boos house, or you had a really good time in downtown and didn’t bring a DD, Uber is probably your best option. It's super convenient if you're in a foreign town and you and you are constantly moving around. You might even luck up and get a driver who passes you the AUX. 

Group on

Being that we are both your typical broke college students who stay looking for new things to eat, see, or looking for a new adventure, GroupOn usually can help us find something at a affordable price. Groupon's whole thing is to be able to bring the deals directly to you for an affordable price. Most of their deals come with a 50-70% discount and are usually always something to look forward to.