Mall adventures 

We had an entirely different idea for todays SPOT, but as you guys know, sometimes the plans you have do not fall through. So, we went to the next best place we could think of which was NorthPark mall. Which I know most of you are thinking “Well we all been to the mall. What’s new about that?”  To be honest nothing about the mall was new. It was the same mannequins, the same retail shops, the same food court and everything. Though this time it was cooler than most mall runs. Being able to slow down enough and actually talk to people we didn’t know was really refreshing. A lot of people say that going to the mall with no intent in actually buying anything is just depressing, but I find it to be a dream building experience. Everyone needs to have something that pushes them to want to do better.  I think that life moves so fast that we forget that we are here in the world to connect, we forget to just enjoy what’s in front of us.. It’s not so much the location, but what you do at the location and how you utilize your time.  

Lately with the nostalgia of approaching senior year I am approaching everything with a new level of seriousness. I know you’re thinking Jhasmine it isn’t even fall yet.. Stop being so dramatic. But, I have been questioning the productivity of everything including our content on the blog. So, when things didn’t go as planned for our new SPOT I was very dismayed. Although I was discouraged, when we got to mall and started walking around I realized sometimes you have to just work with what you have. There are so many times we compare our ‘just starting out’ to someone else’s ‘3 years in the game’ and it sets us up to be discontent with everything. We would hope for Lovely & Bored to be something we can’t imagine, but in the meantime we are still spinning gold out of this mundane life. The purposes of why we started this in the first place.

Skating Rink

It’s always a good thing when you can revisit your childhood. Visit those things that made you extremely happy with no reserve to them. Being in college can be a hit or miss when talking about the party scene at our University. Making an event sometimes feels as if there’s like this strategic plan that has to be put in place to have a good time. Which is mad annoying when you think about it. Most of the time when looking for things to do you want an experience, and something you can look back on and say “wow, that was really dope”. So, it was a no brainer that we were going to make our presence known at fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha’s skate night. Skating has always been something that I loved doing socially. There are certain movies embedded in black culture that I feel have inspired us to love the culture skating brings. There is just something so throwback-esque about it, and all of our frequent readers know we are always here to serve looks and a good time. This event fell (and literally some people fell) nothing short of both of those things. We were determined to be the new, and improved cast of ATL that night. There is so many things going on in black culture currently that it felt really good to get everyone together for something light-hearted. If you ever find yourself in need of a stress reliever (and a workout, because… that leg work) I suggest to hit the skating rink with some friends, and make it do what it do baby.



A couple years ago I grew an extreme interest for travel. I decided that the first place I would venture to was Africa (go big or go home, am I right?) My purpose in going was to partner with a church in helping remote villages. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I took a pretty big hit emotionally when I was back on American soil. I loved the feeling of exposure, and traveling brings out a certain vulnerability to cultures. After that summer I decided I would make the world my oyster every summer. The next summer I went to Thailand, which was exceedingly impactful. This time I went on account of being a helping hand to a organization that helps fight sex trafficking. Although I felt vastly unprepared for these adventures, my heart was prepared long before I knew. Growing up a New York native and relocating to Texas taught me a lot about identity. All of this to say, there is no adventure quite like visiting or being in mixed company with your roots. Your roots being your family, and I was able to experience this in the flesh during the holidays. My family is spread out all over the globe, but for the holidays we all meet in one place. Sometimes there is no place (or spot in the name of L&B) like your home. The main thing being in the presence of family taught me is happiness is a very obscure thing. It’s something that only you can first-hand experience and something no one can take from you. Truthfully everyone is in search of it, and as much tea can be split on the behalf of people’s situations we all just want to be happy, man.



Camp flog gnaw

Earlier this month we were able to visit sunny California, and attend Camp Flog Gnaw festival with some of our closest friends. Check out our video to see all of what we got into. Hope you guys enjoy!


Barley & Boards rustic look is what initially attracted me to covering it for L&B. There were several details when we decided to go that made me realize I made the right decision. The menu was tailored to the style, and it was a detailed manila folder, which I have never seen before. They also had a detailed espresso area where you do cold, or hot brew for coffee. Most times you never see a detailed espresso area alongside a full menu restaurant. The detail certainly didn't stop there. The bathroom was very farmhouse chic inspired with barn doors, low sinks, and singed wood. To top of the experience we had an amazing meal that was zesty in taste yet light in digestion. I had the Crisped Mechada, which was a completion of beans, panca, and organic egg. The flavors of each component of the meal meshed perfectly in taste. The decoration of the plate was topped off with basil leaves for a little extra flavor. The beans provided lots of protein as well as the egg, which made this meal beneficial for consumption. As a young adult, it was a great experience to step aside of college living, and dine on fine cuisine.


If I had to use one word to describe Barley & Board it would be detail. From the food, to the décor, down to the plates, everything was thought about to make such an enjoyable eating experience. When you first walk in, there are expressions of simplicity and a homey feel. Like I said before they really pay attention to detail, but you can tell they also pride themselves in diversity. So when our plates came out the first thing that I noticed is that each one of us had different plates in a different shape and color, and when looking at the actual food the plate was full of color, and freshness. Actually eating the food is a whole other experience in itself. I was able to have the Chicken and Andouille Flatbread, which featured chives, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Each bite was full of freshness and flavor. Our main goal is to give you all places to go where you might not usually go, so you can see, taste, and try things that you may not have before. Everything we post in SPOTS is also a reflection of what we like, so if we love it we know that you’ll love it too.

To check out Barley&Board you can visit them off of The Square in Denton, Texas.



We had both encountered Epocha once before for an event, and fell in love with the look. When we decided to incorporate a tab for unique places we encounter, Epocha was certainly a fit. The manager, Brandon, expressed how he wanted to bring urban street wear to Dallas and the authenticity of his product being designed locally. The brands are established locally, so they are limited purchases specifically at Epocha.  We all yearn to stand out, and wear things no one has so you definitely want to cease every opportunity you get to invest in this merch. The venue is also used to bring culture to the city artistically such as record release parties, fashion shows, and art shows. His background has established him in pursuing a streetwear store since the beginning. He shared that he’s been DJ’ing since 16, and managed to become a traveling DJ. When he began traveling a lot, he made it a point to buy a unique shoe/shirt everywhere he went.  When he would come back to Dallas, he realized there was a lack of representation here. So, when he grew accustomed to having different kinds of clothing he would travel for his clothing. He grew a lot of good relationships threw time, and figured why not have something in the biggest city of the South!  Check out the video below for exclusive scenes!