Columbian goddess, Kali Uchis teamed up with Jorja Smith on her newest single Tyrant. The last time we heard from Kali was when she appeared on the Gorillaz album Humanz and prior to that was with Steve Lacy, Vince Staples and Kaytranda on Only Girl.  Kali has labeled Tyrant as a “post apocalyptic love song” that is an “escape from cold realities of life”. She adds some spice and dimension mixing her Columbian roots to the song. New singles usually mean new albums, so we will definitely be on the lookout for that. Okay so let's not wait any longer and get into this new bop.



Singer/songwriter, SZA dropped off her newest song Love Galore, featuring rapper/producer, Travis Scott. One thing that SZA makes sure to do whenever giving her fans something new to listen to, is something to look at. She creates a way for her fans to be interactive and stay engaged with with what she has next. So, she teamed up with video directer Nabil to create a sexy, yet savage video to let the people know that she might be sweet, but she plays no games when it comes to her heart. Producers thankgod4cody and Carter Lang teamed up to curate a beat that either makes you want to get up and groove, or stay in your feelings all night long. SZA never fails to put her unique style and vocals on a song and make it a masterpiece. If you have been following SZA closely, you would have already known every word before it actually hit the streaming sites. Though if you’re just hopping on the train, don’t worry you have time to review her catalog and get ready for her highly anticipated album CTRL releasing this summer. Now, lets get into this weeks POW.


Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHXfCOjb3fk



Today, we have Jack Vance based out in Los Angeles. Jack Vance is a Texas artist born and raised who recently relocated to LA 6 months ago after his decision to drop school in pursuit of his dreams; however, he is back with the premiere of his new single, Drunk Dante (prod. Potillo). Drunk Dante is groovy and soulful with a hinge of grit and bounce from the production that Potillo provides. It's a Motion Picture brought to you by Vertical Sound. 
According to Mr. Vance, Drunk Dante is an entity of himself being vulnerable to the world. On May 17th, he dropped out of school with 3 dollars and 52 cents. On August 17th, he left for LA with 30 dollars and no sleep.
On September 2017, he stepped foot in Wale's house only to taste  what success has in store. On March 17th, he presents you all with Drunk Dante to show the world that no matter who don't believe in you, believe in yourself.




Yesterday Goldink hit us with a fun video for his newest single Crew. He along with fellow DMV native Jefe (Shy Glizzy) and friend Brent Faiyaz add a bounce and groove to Crew. GoldLink and his crew seem to be having a good time riding four wheelers and bikes through the streets. The video consist of pretty girls with edgy attitudes riding the bikes instead of GoldLink, Brent, and Jefe. Their heavy colorful coats, star of David chains, and cool persona definitely makes you want to be a part of their crew.


Texas born and raised artist Jimi X sends a message in his newest hit Famine. He states Famine is a “Declaration that we will go to battle for what we believe we’re here to do.” He speaks about the troubles and adversity that him, and his team have had to face so far, though it does not stop them from doing what they are destined to do. Which is eat, and feed their families. The message of letting the struggle fuel your dreams is one that we know all too well, and can certainly relate to. The Potillo produced track is aggressive, and matches the mood and message to Jimi X's lyrics perfectly. We found Famine to be a declaration of inspiration and motivation as well. “It’s a celebration to come. It’s conveying that rather than getting stuck on the fact that nothing is out here, we are going to focus on the fact that we have the ability to create opportunities for ourselves.” Be on the lookout for more music and cool things from Jimi X in the future!



Kari Faux

Feeling down, sad, mad, not content? Feeling like you’re not the badass that you are? Well, we have something for that. Nada x Kari Faux made an entire anthem, about boosting yourself, and gives us some motivation to trust your dopeness, and make sure to let the ones who don’t believe in you that they will not affect your journey. You’ve probably heard Kari Faux on Childish Gambino’s mixtape Late Nights in Kauai or on the Insecure soundtrack. If not, then I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about her pretty soon.  We just hope this gives you some encouragement and guidance through the weekend into the week.



So this is our first POW since what? December? We are so excited to be back and give you all something new to listen to. We wanted to keep this theme going of introducing artist who are right on the cusp of blowing up and still being underground. So, without further ado we give you all Eryn Allen Kane. She’s definitely what you would call a “soul artist”. Her deep Detroit roots and Etta James and Aretha Franklin influence gives a soulful touch to her music that a lot of artists aren’t able to obtain. With only using beautiful harmonies, and a few snaps, she conveys a beautiful message with her very popular song Have Mercy. This song touches deep. She sings about the difference between her reality and the world she sees around her, and expresses her awareness of that difference. Eryn Allen Kane has worked with the like of the late legend, Prince, and has certainly made an imprint on our hearts already. Check out her latest EP titled Aviary: Act II on SoundCloud or iTunes. Enjoy this week’s POW! Glad to have you guys back!



Coach Tev

Recently, a lot of people have approached us about capturing the local artist platform. So, we introduce to you one of our favorites, UNT's very own, Coach Tev. Coach Tev is a rapper out of Dallas, TX who has a taste for late night play and parlay. You can usually catch him shooting his shot like a Lefty or serving up the jazz vibes in Midnight Cruiser. Over Lefty's dark percussive beat, It is shown that Coach is a rapper these women love to hate as he shows us with his slick rap, and witty wordplay. Catch his new EP titled I Fell In Love With My Mistress, this spring, coming to an iPhone near you! 




Once again, Kehlani pulls on our heart strings with her newest single Advice. She has had her share of ups and downs this year, and she has definitely stuck to her roots in being vulnerable with her fans and telling her truth. With her recent hits like Distraction, CRZY, Table ft. Little Simz and even down to her feature on New Orleans singer Ambres, No Service In The Hills, you can tell that she really has something to say to the critics and people who have doubted her. Her highly anticipated album SSS, (Sweet, Sexy, Savage) is meant to drop January 27th of next year and we have a feeling that this is going to be an album that we will be telling our grandkids about. Plug in, and tell us what you think!



Childish gambino

Childish Gambino. I.. we.. don’t even know where to begin with this... The beginning of the song sounds like a sweet lullaby, then progresses into this hard, and funky track. There is certainly influences from Parliament Funkadelic and OutKast. If you don’t know who Parliament Funkadelic is, please do yourself  a favor and look them up. After waiting 2 years for new music, Gambino blesses us with a masterpiece. It was never a question that he was going to come back and wow us with new music, it was all just matter of time. Enough talk though. Let’s get into this new Pick Of The Week.


Big sean 

You know it’s a good week when one of your favorites drops off some fire tracks out of nowhere. Earlier this week Big Sean surprised us with two new tracks titled No More Interviews and Bounce Back. Both of them give us insight of what Sean has been going through lately. With so much talk about rap beef between Cudi and Drake, to the hilarious back and forth talk between Soulja Boi and Lil Yachty it seems that everyone in the rap game has something to say about it. On No More Interviews Sean tells us that he’s not doing interviews, shouting out anymore of his old tings, giving light to the negative, or giving in. It’s been a minute since we have heard something this hard from Sean. From top to bottom, this is definitely one of the best rap joints he’s been put out in a minute. This is just a little something to hold us over until the album, which we will be patiently be anxiously waiting on.


Big k.r.i.t

So last week, one of our favorite artists dropped off some HEAT to let us know that he is now a Free Agent. K.R.I.T  recently left Def Jam and is now giving us his perspective on how he feels about it. He basically is calling this “a new chapter” in his life and from the sounds of it, this chapter is something we will be looking forward to. It’s been said that K.R.I.T doesn’t get the type of credit he deserves in the music industry and we can’t fully disagree with that. The debate about how record labels treat their artists is a whole other conversation so we will leave that for another day and get right into what krizzle has to say.


Joey Purp

Theres been so much talk abouT "real rap" being dead and how blog sites don't do a good job of  displaying music with substance anymore, but today that's exactly what we are giving. Chicago artist Joey Purp is our next pick is simply because he spits nothing but raw in his raps. He gives insight on growing up poor, institutional racism, and incarcerated family members. He confronts things that most are afraid to in their bars because for the most part talking about what's really going on in the world isn't as appealing to the cars, clothes, and hoes. Don't get us wrong, we love the Uzi's and 21 Savages, and there is a place for them, but sometimes you want to hear something that has some depth behind it. Joey has been on a recent rise with his latest mixtape iiiDrops and we encourage you all to take time to listen. This track definitely won't leave you disappointed! 


Sinead harnett

It seems that more and more UK artists keep making their way onto our playlists, and artist Sinead Harnett is just another example as to why. Sinead has been known to make more of pop music, but with Love To Lose she molds together pop, soul and R&B to make a beautiful record. Her voice has a certain smooth edge appeal to it, which makes it hard to take her off of repeat. Not to mention her lyrics show a sense of  vulnerability that makes her music very relatable. She speaks on how the only way she was able to love her significant other was when she lost him, and now wants him back one more time. Whatever it is that these UK artists are taking to produce so much heat, we just need them to keep taking it and giving us music we can vibe to. Enjoy your weekend lovely people!




So, this week we had trouble figuring out what the pick of the week should be. This week it's been nothing but Kaytranada, NAO and Gucci on the playlist, which we love, but we thought you guys might want something you haven't already heard before. With perfect timing another gem was put out into the universe. UK producer Mura Masa has always been a favorite, and with his latest track, this just reaffirmed our love for him. He teamed with A$AP Rocky to give us what he calls "a kind of twisted-pop calypso, hip hop dance track." Honestly whatever he wants to call it, we're here for it and we will be dancing to Love$ick throughout the entire weekend!




Nicotine is one fly, down to mars chick and is not afraid to let us know on it. This track is definitely a smooth groove that makes you want to curve the dude who’s been staring a couple of seconds too long from across the room.  Can’t Be So features talented artist, Rusk who's trying to spit game but doesn’t have too much luck with that. This track definitely gives us 70’s soul, with a dash of old school Erykah Badu. Nicotine will be dropping her EP titled An Open Letter sometime in October and we cant wait to hear more from her. Until then, sit back, and get into this vibe! 



Mac Miller

After the turn up with Kap G last week we decided to take it down just a little and give you guys something to groove to. Mac Miller gives describes how he's going through it with his girl.. Again. This track features the multi talented singer Anderson .Paak who ads and extra touch to an already perfect song. With its cool and airy sound mixed with a some funk, there is no way you can't feel it. Mac Miller has also dropped his newest album titled The Divine Feminine which we suggest everyone gives a try. This joint has certainly been on blast and repeat and will most likely being playing throughout the weekend. We hope you guys vibe with DANG! just as much as we do.



Kap G

Well it’s about time to drop another gem for the week! Some of you may be familiar with the sounds of Kap G, and some of you may not. Though we’re sure it won’t be long before he becomes one of your faves. When you first look at his cover picture you might be confused on how this guy with a cowboy hat comes out sounding like an urban rapper, but he definitely makes it work. Girlfriend is one of those songs that you can’t help but bop to. It’s sort of like the rap version of when trey songs screams out “It’s mister steal your girl” at the beginning of bottles up. So, kick back, get the vibes going, and feasts your ears on Kap G




Let’s just start by saying that anything that has Kaytranada on it or in it is really perfection. Montreal producer, Kaytranada takes early 2000’s song such as, "Be Your Girl" by Teedra Moses and flips it into his own. The original song itself makes you want to tell your man who doesn’t actually know he’s your man yet...that he’s yours. With the Kaytraflip added, the song turns into this dance anthem. Though this Kaytraflip is actually an oldie, it will always be a goodie.




If the girl you’ve been eyeing for a minute hasn’t been responding to your DM”s and you’re trying to think of a cute way to get her attention, then your best bet is to just play this for her. Artist D.R.A.M always has been known for releasing songs that are carefree, upbeat, and simply dope. His infectious sound will certainly put you in a mood that you won’t want to come out of. You can play this when you’re trying to scoop your new boo, about to head out with your crew, or when you just chilling and you want to turn up one time in your room. Enjoy! 




East London singer NAO has landed herself on our first Pick Of the Week because of her distinct and unique voice. Not to mention her lyrics make you want to fall in love or dance around your living room with your your favorite girlfriends. She recently released her debut album "For all we Know" on iTunes and is a mix of her older songs with several new gems. We hope you enjoy NAO's music just as much as we do.